Preventative dentistry

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Preventative dentistry (Dental Hygiene, Dental Exam, Digital X-Rays)

Preventative dentistry is based on managing and monitoring your dental health to keep your teeth healthy and detect any oral health issues before they turn into more serious problems. A preventative dentistry appointment includes cleaning to remove plaque and tartar, a dental examination, and screening for oral cancer.

Low-radiation digital x-rays

In our practice, we utilize digital x-rays which are safer than standard film x-rays due to 70% less cranial exposure to radiation. They are also faster and more comfortable to take. Since the X-rays are digital, they can be displayed on a large screen which allows the dentist to see and diagnose dental conditions much better. X-rays are essential tools that enable us to detect problems between teeth, inside the teeth or below the gums before they can get serious.